Book recommendations

Anything that can help widen the perspective of the world especially in regards to finance, economics or politics/political ideology.

Right now I’m reading The euro and its threat to the future of Europe by Joseph Stieglitz, and just finished reading the rise and fall of nations.

What do people here suggest. Looking forward to seeing your suggestions.

Currently reading: The Future of FinTech: Integrating Finance and Technology in Financial Services

By Bernardo Nicoletti

I don’t believe much can be learned by reading and I don’t follow any news.
In my opinion, one is better off believing that everything is cyclical and preordained. The elite like cycles, it gives them time. That’s why buy and hold and swing trading is so much superior to day trading. It paints a clearer picture. Not the answer you were looking for but thought I’d give an alternative view.

I just like reading to be informed. Working for the first time for a fintech company, makes me want to invest time to know what is possible, what isn’t and how to check myself.

Explains a lot about you.

Anyway as for books, anything by Nassim Taleb is just a fantastic read. Also Amity Shales - The Forgotten Man (about the Great Depression) is very educational.

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Shows why your past systems failed

Right, because ETF GOD, RUSH, and others did so well Tom/Brad/Carl.

How about stop hijacking this guys thread and those of us who read to learn more can give him book rec’s.

I always recommend reading “The Compound Effect” by Darren Hardy.

“Fortune’s Formula” by William Poundstone. An interesting story about Edward Thorpe (author of the classic “Beat the Market”) which also includes practical information for compounding gains.

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HA! Funny you mentioned Fortune’s Formula. Just had it on my amazon wish list and got it this year. Haven’t read it yet. Also got Edward Thorpe’s “A Man for All Markets” - the fwd is by Taleb.

I also recently read “A Man for All Markets” by Edward Thorpe. Good autobiography!


Extraordinary Popular Delusions and The Madness of Crowds

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Get a subscription to The Economist magazine. Read/listen (there is an audio version) to that for a year…