Question for subscribers

What are some suggestions that you wish developers would do?

What’s the WOW factor for you?

(I am a developer, and looking for some constructive criticism for myself and others)

Perhaps short North Korea?



If that was a option it would be great

Also I’d like to apologize in that previous thread.

But this isn’t necessarily ideas for trades, but from a client service view, what would the subscriber like to see more of? I’ve noticed lack of communication tends to be a hot topic.

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A (relatively )smooth equity curve sloping from lower left to upper right, for a long enough time period to indicate that the system is legitimate. This, and (not unrelated) good control of drawdowns. Also, I always look for a description of the strategy under the Description tab, but there are many good strategies at C2 who write nothing at all in that space. I can look at the equity curve, trade record, stats, etc. and get a good idea of what is going on, but you can’t see any information on the philosophy of stop losses (are they actually placed, mental only, none at all?), whether profit stops or trailing stops are used, etc. It is always useful to see some type of description beyond what can be gleaned from the C2 system page.

The fact that most systems here are short-lived seems to indicate a lot of curve fitted systems that eventually blow up with a market change. There are lots of good volatility systems here now, but what happens to them in a big correction or bear market? There is no substitute for a real track record, and even the best hedge funds have trouble beating the average market return over time. So systems that show a few months of 10%/month average returns cannot last for long IMO … that’s just “too good to be true.” So the trick is to build a portfolio of systems and ride the good ones while they are hot, then move on. Much like picking individual stocks (or options, futures, forex) and trading those … just that the instruments are C2 systems instead.

Thanks for mentioning the description bit, I checked mine and saw there was no info there. But when the strategy was made, I did type info there, and got the notification that it had to be reviewed. But that is now on my to do list as well.

In regards to the systems being short lived, I would only assume that developers are holding on to losing trades, in hopes that it recovers. With so many different strategies this becomes blurry as to the reasons why. But I agree that developers should have the mindset of 2 things:

  1. Capital preservation
  2. Gains

In that order of priority, a trade fails, move on, unless you know that stock like the back of your hand and you know how it behaves, that might increase your probability of profit.

The best hedge funds are doing poorly due to their sentiment on the markets, the impending “crash” is coming, so they either don’t enter positions, or have a biased sentiment and are on the wrong side. Personally I trade minutes at a time, I tune out all the media BS, unless it’s binary type news, then it’s a easy trip taking advantage of the volatility that follows.

If your system is robust enough and scales enough, please raise the minimum account size higher, use round numbers in your trades and don’t compound.

I.e. if your system trades ES, trade a multiple of 10-s (not 1-s).

Or trade 1,000-s of shares (and not 100-s.)

A while ago C2 introduced this 500% limit, I still don’t quite understand whether whimpy developers whined too much or they (or C2) are too greedy. This would work around that issue.

This is not a wow factor. The wow factor if you make $$.



day trading system. There’s not too many on c2