Broker reviews & margin requirements

I had recently joined a strategy that trades futures on European and US indices ( exz7, @esz7 ) .
The strategy’s size was about 50k. I set aside 76k for the strategy.
The first trades were triggered. 3 EXZ7, then 3 more ( which were filled ) then 3 more which were not. My email is blowing up with position sync warnings. It says I need to have 109k in order to fill the orders.
I called Interactive Brokers and was told “this product requires $9100 per contract for overnight margin”.
This seems high to me.
I would like to hear feedback from other subs about margin requirements @ other brokers, especially Tradovate which I’m told is much more reasonable.
I need a broker that has a good smart phone app with real time account position & $ funds data. I do not trade Forex.
Ultimately, I would like to see C2 offer a comparison chart for margin requirements for all of the different brokers they support so we can do the math before subscribing. It would be nice if it were constantly updated, but even an initial chart would give you some kind of idea who is reasonable & who is not.


Interactive broker is going thru some big changes. Margin req is changing on a daily basis. They been worry about a 10% correction since August. Vix, futures, 2x/3x etf, anything mid to highly leverage been completely crippled since then. Etrade/scottrade/TD and even Schwab would be better than IB. But c2 is partnered with mainly IB, so if you want to autotrade or TOS leader you are stuck with IB.

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