Funded Trader - Why did he not get a margin call?

Today, shortly after 15:00 Funded Trader entered a short position of 10 ES contracts. At that point his account showed a balance of approximately $70,000. IB’s margin requirement for 10 ES contracts is approximately $200,000. Can anybody explain why this is possible? What is C2’s margin requirement?

I use an AMP futures broker to trade futures.
I only trade intraday because the AMP’s margin for 1 E-mini S&P 500 contract is only $400.
For trading in AMP I have enough real account of $20K.
And I can easily open a position of up to 10 contracts.

The strategy may have losses and drawdowns.
But I close the stop loss when I see changes in the market mood.
Everything happens within a day’s trading.
If this is a lot for someone, it is better to refrain from trading with me.
But the risk will be limited.
P.S.: I have provided a free coupon for test paper trading.

Hi Omar,
Thank you for your reply and explanation.
And just to clarify, are you saying one can trade your system at an AMP futures broker with just $20,000?

The $20,000 account at an AMP futures broker (or any other broker that uses intraday margin) would be comfortable enough to follow my system.

what benefits on long distance with such leverage? I have noticed on C2 the most stable strategies use leverage 4 maximum 8-10

Leverage c2 is a conditional value to the conditional capital of strategy c2.
In my strategy I know the size of my real trading capital (e.g. $20K), I know my risk per day (e.g. $2-3K) and I know my profit target per day (e.g. $2-3K).
I know that this is enough for my trading capital to increase a little bit all the time.
But on c2 I have to open a 50K or 100K strategy.
c2 counts the leverage to his notional capital.
That doesn’t reflect reality at all.

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It is much more effective to take small movements in large volumes.
The market is constantly changing. No one knows where it will go.
But in small movements, the market can be squeezed for a move, the probability of which is very high.

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It is very easy to take short moves with 1-2 contracts.

But it makes a very good profit.
Already $2,075

Collective2 Futures Symbols – Collective2

not sure how often is this updated.

  1. the market was growing - I was buying
  2. the market went into a correction - I bought and lost
  3. it became clear that the market would not grow - I sold and earned
  4. profit for the day +$4044
    I show pictures of my trades on Facebook and Instagram

But for some reason I can’t post links to my social media accounts here.
I put the links to my social media accounts in my profile and in the strategy description.

There have been many strategies here that started out beautifully, but ended poorly.
Show the same results over 3-6 months, then we’ll see.

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Your comment is to your other self? :smiley:

from your accidental post above which you deleted, it is clear you @Alex-Y and @OmarKufar are the same soul

Is Funded Trader a reincarnation of the below or did you make some changes? :wink:

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Hi FarhanSaadiq,

you’re a good detective, and probably a good guy.
What am I doing on this forum?
I’m drawing attention to my strategy.
It doesn’t matter what my real name is or who I am.
Investors don’t subscribe to the name, they subscribe to the trading results.

It matters how I trade.
Am I making money or losing money?
What are the risks in my strategy?
Can investors make money?
How much capital do you need to follow my trading?
What system does my strategy trade on?

My trading is not what it used to be.
I’ve gained a lot of experience and learned how to manage my position.

If anyone has been subscribed to my strategy that has failed and you have suffered losses, email me.
I will give you a free subscription coupon for 1 year for the “Funded Trader” strategy.