Buying and selling specific lots of a stock

C2 Team:

Is it possible to buy and sell specific lots of a stock, if you have purchased it at two different imes for two different prices? What I notice is that if I buy a stock twice C2 adds them together in the open trades and uses the average price. That is fine in most circumstances, but if system treats each purchase as a separate trade the ability to sell a specific lot is not possible.

Can you clarify if this is possible? If not please let me know.


Mathematically it makes no difference to your results which portion of your holding you sell. We mark your results to market, which means both open and closed positions are included in your results. Thus whether you sell a share that was acquired for price A, or a share that was acquired for price B is meaningless. The overall results are exactly the same.

It’s a common misconception to think that it matters, because you believe your results will look better if you (for example) close out the “portion of the trade” that you bought for a more favorable price. However, that makes the open (not yet closed) portion of the trade less favorable by exactly the same amount.

Do some examples on a scratch pad and you’ll see what I mean.