API Stock Execution best practices

Hope everyone is having a good time. I’m fairly new to C2 but I’ve been algo trading for a while via TD’s and IB’s API. I’m working on a system and wanted to check what people do as far as the execution goes.
Most my systems trade at the end of the day - on TD/IB I submit limit orders that buy the ask or sell the bid to make sure I get filled. Sometimes (< 10%) I get a partial fill but most of the times everything fills just fine.
I never submit market orders although I mostly trade very liquid stuff - just got brain washed over the years not to do it.

How does this translate to C2?
Is there something like a partial fill?
Have you guys noticed a delay as far as execution goes?
(my servers are on AWS so the delay between IB’s UI and the actual price is almost not noticeable) - will C2 have the same bid/ask at the same time or have you guys seen discrepancies?
All my trades are US stocks - are there any best practices to follow (other than buying low and selling high :wink: )?
I’m still getting used to the Buy to Open vs. Sell to Open - typically I either go long or short and it add/subtracts to the position I have.
Can you have a position that’s long and then add a Sell to Open on the same symbol?
Will this be tracked as two independent positions or just one?

and one final question - what’s the benefit of providing a coupon code? I get the concept but I’m putting myself into a “trade follower’s” shoes and I don’t think half price or even free would make a difference subscribing to a system. If I don’t like the risk reward I wont follow it regardless of the subscription price, if I like the risk reward the reduced price seems like a drop in the bucket compared to the system risk. So I guess I must be overlooking something since there is that much emphasis on this coupon idea.

Sorry for these rookie questions - if there’s an FAQ that covers that just point me to it - I looked but didn’t find anything

Well - I guess my journey on here is short lived. I just got a notification that my API access is not available in the Basic trade leader subscription package and that I’ll have to upgrade to a larger package which offers multiple additional capabilities of which I only need API access. I realize everyone needs to make money but we live in a developer centric world and API access should be one of the most basic capabilities, not a premium offering bundled with lots of additional capabilities that may not be useful. I’d be willing to pay ~ 600 bucks for a yearly BASIC package that offers API access but that doesn’t seem to be an option. Enjoy and good luck in the markets - I’ll take my ball and go home.

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Sorry to see you go, good luck.

I can understand the frustration. I wish that BrokerTransmit was available for the basic plan too.

We just have to bite the bullet !