Buying Power Is Erroneous

This error is seen at "Model Account Status". This error may not occur with small portfolios.

But take a look at Stock1M, where the buying power number is wrong, perhaps due to the fact that it is one with $1million starting. Anyway, there appears to be a bug somewhere.


I see no error. But your post doesn’t explain what specifically you think is an error, and why you think so.

So I can only answer generally. That said, there is one thing about C2 which new system developers are sometimes confused about. It concerns the way C2 handles buying power for stocks.

What you need to know: Buy Power is displayed as half what you think it ought to be. But stock transactions “use up” only half the Buy Power you think they should. (This effectively gives you 2:1 leverage.)

Here’s an example:

Assume your system starts with a Model Account of $1,000.

C2 will show: “Buy Power = $1,000”.

“No,” you complain. "If I have $1,000, I can buy $2,000 worth of stocks. So my Buy Power should be $2,000."

But here’s the trick. When you buy 10 shares of stock at $100 per share, your buying power is reduced by $500 … not $1,000.

See what I mean?