Buying Power

Hello Matthew,

In my system I have set the "Automatically cancel opening orders when buying power drops" option to 65,000. Based on the C2 description, C2 should cancel all pending opening orders when your system buying power drops below a 65,000.

Currently my buying power shows 63,199, yet my system has "pending opening orders" that are still outstanding.

How long can can I expect it to take C2 to cancel all pending opening orders when my system buying power drops below a 65,000?

Hi, CEO:

I am looking into this. I think this is a bug which can summarized thus: buy-power triggers are checked at the moment trades are filled, but no buy-power triggers are checked during subsequent marked-to-market calculations. Will examine and hopefully fix shortly.


Whoops. Actually I was wrong about this. The "bug" I was talking about actually was not a bug; the calculations in question have always been performed properly, just as I proposed. This was merely a case where the marked-to-market calculations for your system had not yet occurred. They generally run a few times per day – more frequently for more popular systems.

When I manually ran your marked-to-market calculations to force the issue, the site determined there were no orders that were still pending for your system and thus no orders that needed to be canceled.

I have two BUY orders that are outstanding, but they are parked until 13:00. So can I assume that parked buy orders will not be cancelled, only orders that are executable?

Secondly, if I enter a number of orders over night, but C2 doesn’t check the buying bower except a few times each day, then I could potentially have many more executed orders than I wanted as they could all get executed before C2 decides to check. Shouldn’t the check be perfromed as soon as a buy order is filled, then at that time, cancel any outstanding buy orders if the buying power is exceeded.

Of course - we do check your buying power at the moment each order is filled. I was merely worrying (wrongly, it turns it) that we might not check buying power during periodic marked-to-market calculations. It turns out we do both.

Regarding you other question: this buy-power-trigger feature does not currently affect park-until orders.

Thank you Matthew for your responses. Perhaps the my issue lies with with the parked until feature.

The bottom line for me is this.

1) I set the "Cancel pending opening orders when Buying Power drops below" to 65,000.

2) Earlier this morning (10:06AM), my buying power was down to 63,000

3) C2 allowed another order to be filled at 1:00PM, even though my buying power was below the minimum for my system.

3) My buying power is now at 56,159

Perhaps C2 should check the buying power criteria before allowing a new buy order to be executed.