C2 chart?

I guess I still don’t understand C2’s standard chart. Question: why did the equity curve of my system ‘Invest-O-Matic’ (I assume the equity curve is the top solid light green line of the green area plot) go down about $200 on the 16th?

‘Invest-O-Matic’ has NEVER had a loosing trade, there were no open positions and the subscription is only 1 cent so why did it go down about $200 on the 16th? The C2 chart does not seem to correlate with the trades. A 1-day moving average is the closest correlation to actual equity.

I wish C2 had a nice solid contrasting line to represent total equity less typical commissions and fees. Is that dotted line light green or light blue? I can’t tell.

Be really interesting to see an answer on this. I’ve noticed the same thing.


If you want to see the equity curve without the high/low intraday fluctuation, look at the blue dotted line (no commissions).

The green curve can be confusing when looking at a new system because C2 attempts to show the daily high and low. Over time, the difference in the top (daily high) and bottom (daily low) are not noticeable as the scale of the equity curve usually makes the daily difference negligible.

It would be good to have the benchmark S&P500 line following the same rules. At present the spx line shows zero intraday volatility, which obviously makes the system line look more erratic and volatile than it really is. It would seem more sensible and representative to plot both in the same way.