System Details

The equity graph is not correct on my system ( compared to realy REAL trading ) and statistick are updating way off . My message board is not the same name as my system name . Can administrators have a look at it please ??

I think that , if it is the purpose of C2 mantain objectivity and verification of system providers , it is something what needs to be look after . Otherwise back tested systems graphs will have the same value as forward tested .

How is your equity chart incorrrect? Please be specific.


Thanks for reply .

Over the weekend , when has been market innactive , my ballance was fluctuating 4% up and down . I have no understanding

how your program is working it out but I trust it . The balanc is finaly stable and correct . Howewer my equity chart is not responding to current account value , and if I go to commision and RF the chart looks better than without it and it is telling me something cannot be right here .

My english is limited and thats way it might sound I am a bit picky ,sorry abou it , I dond meen to be .

But equity chart is telling me all the story abou system and I want it to be as accured as posible for all of us . Probably it is not big deal for moust people , I dont know .

Exactly the same thing happened to me this weekend. It’s annoying because my system now shows 10% drawdown and a big downward swing which never “really” happened. If the chart were to be updated it would show profit, not loss.