c2 is slow

Is it slow for any other vendors?

Matt- can you take a look into this?


System logs do not show site being particularly slow today. What in particular do you think is "slow?" Page loads? Fills? (If the first, have you tried other sites? If the second, please specify which fills.)

I noticed when I put a market order- it took a couple of minutes for it to show up, and the emailed signal was a couple minutes delayed. Luckily the price stayed the same during those minutes- but I have some subscribers who subscribe to Spy Options that don’t autotrade- and a couple of minutes can make a big difference on fills.

The site was slow too(I checked other websites and they were fine, so it wasn’t my connection.

It seems to have corrected now.

Thanks for checking Matt, usually I shoot an email, but did it through the site since I know you might get that sooner.