Two questions

Has anyone noticed the consistant large spreads on C2 on the currencies from Sunday evening until last night? I have been getting fills of 20-30 pip spreads on the gj and 10 or more on the gu. Also, I am trying to figure out if something is wrong on my end or not but it seems the c2 website runs very slow compared to other websites I visit. Takes forever to get from page to page within the c2 website and also takes forever to execute a trade. For example, I bought a long position on gj and it took a minimum of 1 min to execute and last night it took about 3-5 min to exit a trade.Any info would be great as I am trying to figure out how to remedy the problem.


I have noticed the same thing. I have end of day signals. Sometimes I am trading on C2 and switching my own accounts at the same time. I have in the past traded 2 of my other accounts while waiting for C2 to finish just one. Also I will open another window and play some backgammon while waiting.

Hopefully Mathew will fix this along with the other improvements he is constantly working on.

Rick Haines

Guys -

Regarding site slowness, it would be really helpful to me if you could email to me the specifics of what happens and when (as close to the time it happens as possible).

So, Richard, if you are entering a trade into C2 and (for example) it takes a long time for the trade window to refresh after you submit the trade, drop me an email saying something like: “At 19:32 ET, I tried to put in an order to BTO 100 IBM limit 123.45 for my system called X-Factor, and it took nearly 20 seconds to reload the page” – or whatever actually happened.

I’m not suggesting you do this more than once or twice in a day, because (1) it’s a hassle, and (2) just a few very specific data points (with those really specific details as in my example) would be extraordinarily helpful to me in my efforts to improve the site.


Will try to do that matthew but its pretty hard to execute a trade in c2 along with other personal platforms. I usually send a quick email to you when this happens.Site is way to slow matthew. I am usually in and out of my personal tradeon 2 separate platforms in the time it takes to execute the trade on c2, then bring the page up to get it ready to close. I hope we can solve this asap.


Also, what was up with the spreads? I have noticed them today also but not quite as bad as the last three days.


Keep in mind C2 never shows you real-time quotes… we’re not allowed to. All quotes are delayed. Remember too that C2 isn’t making any markets, we’re simply reporting prices from forex brokers. So one possibility is that their spreads widen for some reason (though I admit some of the numbers you quote seem quite large).

I suggest that when this next happens, you let me know as soon as you can, and give me the specifics. Screen shots are helpful, if you can generate them without too much trouble.

So one possibility is that their spreads widen for some reason

I would add one more reason. The system is auto-traded so imho it’s possible that one-few subscribers have the spread. And because fills are average volume weighted it means…


My thoughts exactly EU. Autotraders seems to "bog" the systems down but the spreads have been ridiculous. Also, it would be great if Matthew could somehow scale the site down so the pages load a little quicker. Takes forever to get from A to B on C2. I dont have that problem with other websites


Autotraders seems to “bog” the systems down but the spreads have been ridiculous.

I wouldn’t say so. If my guess is correct (I’m only guessing and only MK can confirm the guess) it means that C2 reflects reality for current set of brokers and trading capital of your system.

Of course even one subscriber with big TC and bad broker can screw up the system stats, but anyway it’s still reality.


I do believe auto "demo" traders affect a systems fill as they are the last to be executed. Im not sure if any of the Pegasus subs are demo auto taders or not but I have a suspicion there are some.


I do believe auto “demo” traders affect a systems fill as they are the last to be executed

Nope. MK stated few times on the forum that demo/paper traders aren’t counted by C2 in any real-life stats.

Of course there might be a bug. :wink: I had a situation when a subscriber opened position during American session and closed the position in European session. Sometimes there weren’t the kind of fills in American session, but unbelievable fills came to the system stats. it’s fixed now, but it’s better for you to clarify what’s going on with MK. There might be a bug in spreads/datafeed or there is subscriber(s) with bad broker, but real data.


Thanks for your input EU