C2 Quote Problems

I’ve been noticing quotes, especially in futures, on the weekend going down and causing problems with system data. I have an open position in oil and gas and both were set to a current price of zero at the end of day Friday. This then causes all the stats and the chart itself to be wildly off. This also occurred last weekend on the 8th with MakeHayWhileTheSunShines (nice system btw) where he’s now showing a max drawdown of 37% that never happened and now with mine where I have a nice 52% drawdown yesterday.

Is there anyone else noticing this with their systems and Matthew is there a plan to get this fixed?




Yes, I had the same problems with my futures systems (NQ Timer & ES Timer).

Seems they were fixed and now back with a quote feed of "0".

Chart was fixed for NQ Timer, but 100% drawdown is still being reported.



What system is "NQ Timer" Gil?


Please see NQ Timer (53616187). Drawdown 100% due to quote feed.



Thanks, but % chance of account loss still wrong @ 100%.



The monte carlo sims will be updated in the next 24 hours.

And… yes, we’re working on getting these quote issues fixed.