Weird drawdown

The chart for my system as well as the performance table show a huge drawdown yesterday. I am at a loss to identify the source of this. Can you please tell me what the cause of this mysterious drawdown is, and how to correct it? The system now shows a max drawdown of over 50%, which is rather undesirable.



Chris, it could be that your trade had a real intra-day drawdown of such magnitude but in your case I think it more likely that there was a glitch in C2’s pricing feed. This happens from time to time. It looks like the glitch was corrected but the stats for your system have not been cleaned. That’s happened to me several times, and to others as well.

Sometimes it takes a bit of badgering to get Matthew to notice your problem, but once you get his attention he usually responds quickly.

Thanks for the feedback. I haven’t heard from Mathew yet, but I know he is busy. I have 10 open positions with about equal weighting and with margin. The biggest drawdown on that day was FLIR. It sunk <10% on the open and then recovered nicely. Hardly enough to cause a 53% drawdown. Nothing extraordinary occurred with my other holdings.

Fixed - sorry about that.

That looks much better! Thanks Mathew.