C2 Score: Please clarify

I am curious as to the calculation of the C2 Score. I have been trading on Collective 2 for the last 3 months with very positive stats, [LINKSYSTEM_53742157] but my C2 Score is in the 300s , however other systems like Speculationtrader, which is one of the worst systems has a C2 Score of 950.

Can you please clarify…

There appears to be a steep penalty for trading at the open, where liquidity is sometimes questionable. One of my systems is getting severely penalized for this I believe.

Consider parking your entry until 10a ET, and the C2 score may improve.

If you use limit orders, there may be a penalty also, unless sufficient volume occurs within a short time frame. In this sense, the C2 score is trying to protect subscribers from systems that may be taking advantage of low liquidity.

Note that Speculationtrader trades futures which offer very high liquidity, versus some stocks, which only trade a couple thousand shares each minute.

Not sure if this helps, but the C2 score is not based on a single system (unless you only have one system). The score, the calculation of which has not been revealed as it is proprietary, is a means of ranking the developer and I believe it is relative to all the other developers on C2.


So what would be if system #1 is doing really well (Yarmak-itizer-1) whereas system #2 is doing average and lowering overall performance:

If one were to drop that “dead weight” system, would: A) His ranking now go up relating only to the single left over system, or B) Would his old system’s record be “remembered” against him, without being able to improve it anymore?



That would be B)

Everything you do, good or bad, is "remembered" and counted in your favor or against you.

This really is a good thing, since no one can hide from their past mistakes. It makes things fair and transparent for everyone.

Jack - Thanks.

The idea of being good - is OK in principal - But…

When people make a 2nd system, many don’t know they are getting ranked on an average of all systems.

If you had 2 EA trading algorithms, with different Risk vs. Reward appetite ratios, your Low Risk, steady small profit systems, would be downgraded by the Higher Risk system, or vice-versa! So why ever offer 2 systems, if they are not independently ranked? and if he can’t delete the poor system that is lowering his good systems C2 score?

Thanks for your response,

Jason [LINKSYSTEM_53690421]


The C2 score is a "Vendor" score, not a "System" score. So all the vendor systems go into the ranking of that vendor.

The systems themselves have their individual statistics posted so anyone can rank the individual systems with something like the grid.


Would be nice if it worked that way. There are vendor that try to beat the C2 system by using multiple aliases and hiding their collective history.

Thanks Ceo Optimum


There is also a time element: for a new vendor the C2 score rises with time as they gain track record, so you don’t get someone who just registered with a 1000 score just because their first day or week has been profitable.

I would guess (but I don’t know for sure) that there would also be a time-decay element: therefore a killed system would count less and less as time goes by after the system is killed.

Matthew, is this the case or not?


Thanks for your response,

Jason Yarmak [LINKSYSTEM_53690421]

Thanks for the reply everyone. I have noticed that the commissions also effect the score.