collective2 rating

Hi matthew.

Just trying to understand a little about the C2 rating. I have 4 systems, all over 1 year old, all have made money but have a very low c2 rating.

here is an id of a person with two systems, one of which is bankrupt and the other very eratic but he has a very high c2 rating? Collective2 ID Number 15729385

Hi Robert

I just happened to read your post…

Hmmm, have you looked at your equity curves and your statistics lately? You have an annualized return of 0.4 to 5%, but drawdowns over 15%,and flat periods forever. You underperform in most of your systems the S&P, and you ask why you have a bad rating?

Honestly, I checked all your 4 systems in 2 minutes to know that I will never look at them again. Sorry for being honest, but you have to be a bit realistic before you ask a question like that.


Thanks peter, you are obviously well-informed. Can you also tell me why the id I gave has a rating of 842 (very high) when he has two sytems One of which is minus $50,000 (how is that possible by the way) and the other in and out of profitability. Please check the sytems.

China Forex Factory has a Collective2 Rating of 842.


Sorry, I could not even find those systems. I am having big time problems with the search engine here, like finding a system by ID number. But I have to agree with you, that some of the ratings are just pretty strange. I recently saw a ‘new’ system, which had two small losing trades, and a rating of over 800…



Like right now I see this system: Fast Swing

C2 rating 958. W/L ratio 1.0:1 Annualized gain over 44 days:

- 4.3 % Beats me how that is supposed to rhyme…


Yes, anothe related issue is I have 1 system I want to kill - it was when C2 used to have stock trading competitions and It was cheap to enter, but it can only trade stocks. However, if I kill it I want to have some idea of what residual effect it has on my Id score . Matthew doesn’t seem to answer emails so have to hope I can find out on this forum.

If I’m right, MK has already answered this. If you do not trade a system/method or kill it, it should not affect your collective2 rating from that moment onwards.

I have been working on the C2 Rating formula, and I agree the latest iteration is indeed returning some very strange results. I will try to look into these strange cases and fix the formula. BTW: systems created for competitions or labeled as test systems do not affect your C2 score.