C2 Should Improve Chart Scales

I believe C2 should improve the scale comparison of the S&P500 vs the equity curve of strategy’s. The scale of the S&P 500 performance is misleading.

For example, YTD this strategy has a return of 33.4%. The equity curve grew from about $131,000 to $175,000. Over the same period the S&P 500 grew from $3,732 to $4,526 which is a return of about 21.3%. However, when simply looking at the chart the % growth you would get by estimated the scale of the S&P500 curve is only about 7.6% because you can see the S&P 500 curve starts at the same level as the equity curve at about $131,000 then increases to where it crosses the Y axis around the equivalent of $141,000 for the strategy.

The scales are quite different and make it look like the strategy is outperforming the market by much more than it actually did. When the market dips it has the reverse effect. I am of the opinion that C2 should update the way these graphs are made so that the S&P500 curve in this case would finish on the Y axis closer to the $159,000 mark which would be much more accurate.


Excellent point, both the equity curve and the S&P500 should be on a logarithmic scale, for accurate comparison.