C2 Star Program Meet Requirement Not Certified?

I’ve noticed there are many strategies on the leaderboard that meet the requirement of C2 Star but are not certified. I believe these have a half shaded star on the leaderboard. Does anyone here know why these strategies aren’t certified if they meet the requirements? Being certified has a number of benefits and I’m just curious why these strategies aren’t certified and they are passing up on the benefits.

Probably because they haven’t beaten the s&p over the last 60 day period


There is a 60 day waiting period before they are fully certified. If a strategy meets all the requirements and on the 60th day it should get it’s full star.

Not only the index must be overtaken, but it is also necessary to make a large turnover (trade) is a prerequisite, and a large trade leads to an increase in risk. The idea is good, but the conditions of this program are not realizable in the long term, therefore the popularity of this program is low.

Ahh there’s a 60 day waiting period… That’s probably it, thanks

There are two kinds of requirements to be part of the C2Star program. The first kind is “risk based” – for example, you can’t lose more than $X dollars over Y days. If you ever do lose $X dollars over Y days, your strategy is removed permanently from the C2Star program.

However, there are also “positive performance” requirements. You need to outperform the SP500 by 1% over 60 days. That 60-day window is “rolling” – that is, the 60-day lookback period is always changing, as the calendar changes.

Now, if you don’t meet the “positive performance” requirements, but you haven’t violated the red-line risk limits, then you can still remain in the C2Star program in a non-certified state (that’s the “half-star” icon you see next to some strategies.)

Since time is always moving, and since the SP500 performance over the past 60 days will be different tomorrow (from what it is today), your strategy can be brought back into full certification at any time.

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I have two question on the positive performance. I am currently trying to backtest a strategy that could meet C2 Star requirements and your help would be greatly appreciated.

Are autotrade fees also assumed to be withdrawn at a rate of $50 a month in addition to the $125 subscription fee when calculating “positive performance” requirements? In other words would a C2 Star strategy starting with $50,000 and making net zero positive or negative trade profits over a 60 day period still have a 0.7% loss due to ($125+$50)*2/$50,000 = 0.7%

My other question is when calculating the SP500 performance for the 60 day metric, are S&P500 dividends included in the calculation or ignored?

When calculating performance for C2Star certification, strategy subscription fees are included, autotrade plans are not.

For SP500 tracking: dividends are not included.

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Will the half star strategies get the special treatment as well :

" Reduced C2 Fees

Keep 75% of any subscription revenue you earn (instead of normal 50%)" .

If yes then thats a strong pro for the c2 star program , fully certified or not .

No, at this time, a strategy receives the increased payout rate only when it is fully C2Star certified.

Make sense .

What about the autotrading scale cap imposed on subscribers does it apply to half star systems ? Would be a pro .