C2 Win Percentage Stat

I understand that in the interest of protecting themselves from dispirited subscribers, C2’s statistics algorithms are formulated in such a way that would seem to deliberately penalize system developers. The algorithms will always aim to display the worst possible outcomes when subscribing to a system as this guards them from any accusations that they have mislead the subscribers. However - when it comes to win percentage, I believe the systems/system developers are unfairly represented where C2 factors in open trades into the win%… which means open trades are taken into account with profit factor, “Winners:” and “Losers:”, average win and average loss. If anything, C2 should display a closed trade win%, which is truly what matters because open trades have neither won nor lost. I sincerely believe I have lost a lot of interest because of this - where subscribers have visited my page, found that I have “finally” succumbed to the inevitable fate of most promising systems and see that I have lost some “7 trades”, only for those trades to later close in a profit.

Please, I am urging C2 to at least display a closed trade win%, and at least find new wind in subscriber enthusiasm.

In a nutshell: C2 tells potential subscribers that I have lost trades when I have not - this is misleading and simply not fair. Come on, C2, help me help you.

I think C2 counts only closed trades in calculations of win%.

No, they include open trades, for sure. I witness it every day.

I think it’s fair to include the current trade by its current value. Subscribers will actually have a negative trade in their portfolio if they were trading it, regardless if it later turns positive.

Also It’s a non-issue for a system that has been around for a while and has a decent number of closed trades. Systems with too few closed trades probably should be avoided anyway, just for not having enough history yet.


C2 includes both open and closed operations in its statistics.