C2Realism Factor 78%

Can anyone please take a moment to review why the C2 "realism factor" is only at 78% on SSLT?


All trades have been "limit" orders. By my own personal selection process, all stocks in the portfolio [should] have had at least an average daily volume of 300,000 shares / day.

Thus, it is my belief that there has always been enough average daily volume on the equity to support the shares traded in the portfolio, and therefore the "realism" should be 100%

Some light on how this number is calculated would be appreciated. The online documentation give the impression that it is a special mystery number (why does this calculation need to be special top secret?), …

Specifically, why does SSLT have a number less than 100% is appreciated.

Thank you.

Turning Points Realism:

C2Realism Factor 232%

^^ Makes me wonder why Matthew would allow such a bogus statistic in the first place? Do we really need statistics just to have statistics? Doesn’t make good sense to me.

Click on the blue "?" next to C2realism factor will show an explanation about this stat. Since it is proprietary, only the C2 staff call tell you why your realism # is what it is.