How realistic is the "realism factor"

Gents … I ask you, how realistic can a system be? Not more than 100% unless we are now trading in the Twilight Zone… :slight_smile:

Me thinks that the code crunchers may want to take a look at the “realism factor” calculations to see why or how a system can be more than 100% in its trade simulations to fix this error in code logic.

I see this on occasion in some systems, and it doesn’t make any sense, thus it takes away from the credibility that C2 is trying to achieve between the system vendor and the trading public.

Turning Points for example is showing a value of 334.6 as of this writing. I commend the vendor of the system, as it looks like a lot of good effort and work has been put into it, but not sure if it is or should be more than 100% realistic.

‘Turning Points’ has rescaled it’s amount of starting capital, a simple look at the closed trades with fractions of units would tell you this. The realism factor is not able to adjust accordingly, I believe this is a known bug which has been highlighted on several occasions.