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C2star - is apply possible for existing system? and where are the docs?

Hi there.

My reference reg. the c2star program is C2Star Certification Requirements

I have read things mentioned in the forums that are not mentioned in the above reference, which confuses me. Perhaps there is a more detailed document somewhere that i have missed/not found?

To begin with, i have one question:

If i start a new system as a manager now (do the first trades) will i then in say 2 weeks be able to apply for c2star for that system?

Someone mentioned in the forums that only a new (however that is defined) system can apply for c2 certification Is this true?

Perhaps the web page i refer to above would be easier to understand if you split it up :

Requirements to apply

  • system must not have had any trades (this is an example)

Requirements to have gold star a given day :

  • must outperform sp500 1% 60 days prior (this is an example)

Requirements to lose c2star certification forever :

  • CurrentNAV - inceptionNAV <-5000 (this is an example)

If we have a description like this, we will be better helped reg. if applying is possible and makes sense



No, only a new system can apply for C2 Certification. You don’t need to create the system. When you apply for C2 certification the process includes the creation of the new system.


It seems like it is possible to select an existing system, I think the important thing is that the system cannot have any trades yet.

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