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Can you manage more than 3 strategies?

I see that there’s a professional plan for $99/mo that allows you to manage up to 3 strategies, but I see that some users have more strategies they are managing. I remember seeing a user have 7 strategies, so is 3 strategies the max? Can you manage more than 3 strategies and are you charged more per month?


@GokuBlack, the number of strategies a trader can handle is entirely up to the trader. There maybe several reasons that they can trade more strategies.

  1. The strategies are automated on their side
  2. Some of the strategies can be made up longer and shorter term strategies
  3. The person is a multi-tasker
  4. Maybe the strategies are actually run by different people although they are using the same C2 logon connection

The four mentioned above are probably the most common.


I have one system, but here I have 3 strategies - the reason is different tools - one forex strategy, the second strategy is currency futures, the third strategy is micro currency futures. It’s like fishing if you fish 2 fishing rods, the fish will not be 2 times larger, the more fishing rods the lower the average catch in the end. Optimally here are 1-2 strategies, more are already a lot and inefficient.


do you know if you can charge fees for all the strategies you setup? for example, could a user setup 10 strategies and charge sub fees for all of them??

can you charge sub fees for all your strategies? if you had more than 3 could you still charge for all of them or are you capped at 3??

Absolutely. Thats why the traders setup different strategies. Each strategy may have a different audience (ie. each subscriber I call sub) may have different requirements.

Typically daytrading systems will charge more than longer term strategies but performance will be important in the determination of the number of subs. ie. If you charge $500 monthly on one strategy and the returns are 1% monthly you probably won’t get any subs.

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Ok great, thanks for the information

You can upgrade to 4 or more strategies at $30 for each additional one. You need to sign up for Premium (3) first, and then from your subscriptions page, you would click on ‘modify your plan’, and you’ll see the option for Premium +1, etc.

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