IBKR Trader Accounts - Mult Strategies

I view managing strategies as a business and as such set up a new Interactive Broker (IBKR) account as such. In doing so I then linked my broker account to my strategies only to find that I could not manager two separate strategies with live feeds. IE I would like one strategy specific to Stocks, and another specific to options traders. Then ideally a third with a combination of the two, but lets stay focused on the first two first.

In doing so I was then told I need to create sub accounts to do what I wanted. Turns out you can not create sub accounts unless it is a personal account, but you can add traders and create new accounts and allocate to funds to them. This was the advised solution. I finally finalized that this week, only to then go and link the new account set up to my strategies to be told that you can not link multiple accounts from the same broker even if it is to a different strategy.

I guess I am just complaining but how does anyone go about managing multiple strategies while leveraging Broker transmit. I can do manual entries yes, but creates a lot of extra work and also does not get me the Trades Own money badge when I am.



I have three accounts at IB. A taxable, roth, and second roth. All three were managed using a friends and family advisor account. Now I use a professional advisor account. It works basically the same. Under both setups I have been able to set up and run three separate strategies using broker transmit. The other route you could take is have three strategies that you manage through the C2 web trader then have one brokerage or account AutoTrade all three. You can of course have three brokerage accounts and have one follow each strategy. Unfortunately with auto trading you will still need to pay to AutoTrade your own strategies.

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I have one account which I run 6 strategies through. Interactive aren’t the best at resolving issues, so keep it as simple as you can. I have no issues following multiple strategies via one account though.

Thanks All - I don’t see the response here anymore but someone had mentioned the ability to set up additional servers to Broker transmit to the managed strategies. I was able to contact C2 and set this up. Thank you all for your input.

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hi chad,

im having this same issue, i want to run 2 accounts in IB through to collective2 and i am told i can only do 1. you just spoke with customer service and they helped you out?