Cancel Auto Trading Subscription Fee

How can I cancel the 99$ auto trading fee when I don’t auto trade a live brokerage account any longer?

It is little hidden and too obvious:

  • Go to your profile (click on your name in the top right corner of C2 page, not here at forums)
  • Select Software Licences
  • Click the Change button on “Gen3 AutoTrade Software License (1 month)” which will toggle the status to No Auto renew.

One nice thing about C2 which I’d like to point out: when your AutoTrade license comes up for renewal, C2 will not bill you if you are not AutoTrading anything. It will instead send you an email saying something like, “Hey, Bernd, your AutoTrade license is up for renewal, but we see you are not AutoTrading, so we won’t charge you until you start trading again.”

So there’s actually no need to cancel if you think you might start again sometime in the future.

Hi Matthew,

that’s good to know - I was not trading anything for some time and stopped the Auto trading subscription manually. Now I know so one less thing to worry about.

Hi Matthew and Martin,

thanks for your answers.
Very nice option with the auto trading subscription bypass for non active periods.