Can't read private messages

If a private message is longer than two lines I van’t read it anymore. I click on the message (link) but nothing happens. (Exactly same poage is redisplayed)

How can I read long private messages?

Hi Dr Koch,

Click the message & scroll down to the very bottom.

That aside, Matt… the Private Message page could use a user interface revamp. This "click & scroll to the unseen part of the page" behavior is counter-intuitive to all other email programs that exist.

When one clicks a message, the text should be displayed near and immediately below the message (or in a viewable pane near the message header). A good user interface to follow is gmail or facebook.



Yeah, the person-to-person Private Message user interface here at C2 is bizarre and very nearly unusable. I’m not sure what I was thinking when I first built it. We plan on revamping it soon.