Matt: C2 Private Message Issue

Hi Matt,

Please look in my account’s “Private Messages.” Look for the message “sent: 9/16/09 (13:00)” with the starting text: " ----> End reply before this line <---- -…"

When I click on it, the message contains a C2 Broadcast message, and the From/Sent/System/Message columns become jumbled in both the Preview and old C2 sites.

The From/Sent/System/Message of other emails becomes pushed into the Messages column completely.

I asked the sender to resend the message. There might be a bug in the regarding email response to broadcast messages, since appears to be how the sender presumably sent the message. While you’re in there, make sure there are no buffer overflow or ways for someone to private message extra embedded HTML beyond the simple formatting tags.



DITTO. Everything is all jumbled up. and I am getting return messages that I should not be seeing after I do a broadcast to all of my subscribers. Nothing is legible. And the return messages (which are mine) are coming back in triplets.