Change in reported monthly returns

Why is my system page showing a -0.4% return for November of 2012?

I have a screenshot of my system page that I recorded on September 6th, 2013, and it shows a +0.6% return for November of 2012.

There was also a change in the reported monthly return for Feb 2013, which is currently reported as -0.7%. Sometime in the August 2013 timeframe, my system page was reporting a positive number for Feb 2013, but I don’t have a screenshot to prove it.

Did you raise your subscription price? Did you change the commission rate you are personally viewing when looking at the system?Either of those actions will change reported monthly results.

No, the subscription price was the same on the comparison date of 9/6/12. No, I did not change the commission rate that I was personally viewing when looking at the system.

Also, I should note that the screenshot shows that all other months showed the correct monthly return. November 2012 is the only month that shows a different value in the 9/6/12 screenshot.

Send me the screenshot you are talking about via email. - MK