Charges for profit months

If a system charges X dollars at the end of the month only if the month was profitable, does the charge take place at the end of every month, or at the end of the anniversary month for my particular sign up date. If I subscribe to a system on the 29th, and the whole month was profitable, even though I may have gotten only two trades (which may even have been losers), will I still be charge the performance fee of X dollars on the 30th (or 31st)?

If that is the case, I would obviously not want to subscribe to a system anytime during the middle of the month for fear that the trades that took place in the month before I subscribed were all winners and all my trades were losers, even though the month overall may have been in the black.


It’s not calendar-based. Instead, it’s based on a 30-day count. If you sign up on March 15, the possible charge date is April 15.