Cloes all positions

As a developer would love to have a quick “close all positions” option .

The docs at [Developer API docs][1] page say that All functionality in the older C2 Data Services (C2DS) API is now available in the [Collective2 API v3][2]. But, the section on the ‘action’ parameter doesn’t document that a ‘closeall’ action is available.

However, the docs for [C2 Signal Entry API][3] document a ‘closeall’ command. I’d suggest you use that. The URL should look something like this:

Hey C2, is closeallpositions and all other functionality in V1 supported in C2 API v3 as the docs say?

Hey C2, I also don’t see a link anywhere to V1 signal entry API. Can you please put it back somewhere? There’s still tons of V1 code out in the wild and we need to maintain it. I think it should be linked from the latest docs. The only way I was able to find the V1 docs was buy looking back at an old forum post I made asking about how the limit orders work on forex instruments…which by the way was a question that never got answered and still mystifies to this day, since it isn’t working for me. Anyway, that really isn’t the way I should have to look for previous versions of documentation.