New API commands

Programmers using the Collective2 API to place trades automatically, I encourage you to look at the newest version of the API documentation (reachable via the link in the left menu bar that says API, or at The docs have been cleaned up a little, and, more important, several new commands have been introduced. These include:

cancelallpending - cancels all pending orders

closeallpositions - closes (at the market) all open positions

getbuypower - request information about yoru system’s available buying power

The ability to close all positions and cancel all trades at the touch of a button will also be introduced to the main Web site (that is, non-API users) when the new software version is released in the next week or so. I know a lot of users have requested these features, and they have been a long time coming.



Great additions.

I will be adding the Close all to my programs…but it looks like the close all has a sessionid that should not be there.