Closing trade

Could you please tell me how to close a trade?

I bought CAD but I cannot close the trade. I have tried selling it but the system just reverses it and therefore I can’t close the trade. I have asked a friend who is also a system and he says just to click the close link beside my trade but there is no close link.

Could you please advise

Thank you


I tried closing your position and had no problem. I simply did the following:

I selected "New signal"

I entered Sell 16 BARUSDCADSPT

That’s all. Your friend was probably suggesting you use the “auto-close” feature, which is not available for forex trades. But you can enter trades manually - as I demonstrated in the above two steps - by selecting “New Signal”, which is listed on your home page next to your system’s name.

So I’m not exactly sure what didn’t work for you. If you have further problems executing trades, let me know. Or, if you want to provide me further details about what didn’t work, I will be happy to try to walk you through the trade signal process.