Trading problems

 Is there any way I can close my trades? or do I have to wait for two weeks to do so? I tried to close my trades, the trade was e mailed but did not perform on C2... is there any suggestions?


I thought I was the only one having the exact same problem, because nobody else said anything.

Most of my trades last Friday did not execute. So I cancelled them and placed those GTC orders again and some electronic trades for today got executed, though the fill for some trades is totally wrong and the quote for that is down (0.0) also and so it is showing a negative open P/L and that is affecting the buying power, preventing the fill of orders.

rgds, Pal

Calm down, all.

I’m back, and fixing last week’s problems. Most issues have now been resolved. The only remaining major problem is that the company that provides a subset of forex quotes (for example, AUD/JPY and a few others) is not feeding live prices. I have re-programmed the system to use “stale” quotes until the provider returns to service.

Listen guys, I can only do so much. If the quote provider doesn’t feed the quotes, I can’t pull them out of thin air. I am considering pruning the number of forex pairs available, since this provider seems to be down a lot of the time, causing me (and my users) a lot of heartache. We’ll see.

In the meantime, let me know what’s not working and I will fix it. In general, emails directly to me are much preferred over public “venting” on the boards. I’m only human, and much prefer private advice to public scolding. I’m sure you can understand.