Collective 2 Mobile Site Issues


So, there seem to be a few issues with C2’s mobile site. I do not know if this is an isolated issue on my end, but when I access the site on my iPhone, there are some things that are not functional.


  • On my system page, the “Manage” and “Subscriber” links on the navigation bar do not work.

  • Also on the system page, the “Trade Record | Statistics | Description” tabs are not visible unless I turn my phone horizontal.

  • The PM page is, well… “messed up,” where the chat doesn’t display properly (as in, at all).

  • The CSS is generally a little “off” in some div’s sitewide.

Nothing too crazy important, just thought I’d report that for you.


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I second that. For me the private messages are almost unusable on my phone.

Yes it’s true and I use samsung.