Trouble with Messages

I keep getting logged out of C2 when I go to look at a message. This is happening to other users as well. The rest of the site seems fine. Any idea what is going on?

The message I received this morning from one of my subscriptions was blank - there was no content in it.

Matthew, can you please look into it.

The error went away for a bit yesterday but I am getting logged out of C2 again today when I go to look at my private messages.

Now I can view and send messages, just after I posted the above message. I wonder if posting in the forum resets whatever is wrong?

Karl - Please send a screenshot of what you are asking about to so that we can understand better and can try to answer your question.

VG2 -

There’s no specific reason why you should be logged out, unless you have multiple identities and are keeping them open in different tabs of your browser. If that’s not what’s going on, then we need to investigate more. Please make a note of the exact time and date this happens next, so that we can examine the records. Send the information you can gather to Screenshots are helpful if you have them.

VG2 -

I now do see something is wrong and am working on a fix.

Thanks for reporting.

More updates to come.


Ok, I think the issue is now solved. Sorry for the problem, and thanks again for reporting!


Thank you, Matthew, it’s working for me now. Weird.

Since I’ve never been a trade leader, I’ve only ever had one identity here. :upside_down_face:

I also got a blank email, from TQQQS. Different from the Private Message problem that Matthew just fixed.

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Hi Matthew, it’s happening again, getting logged out instantly just trying to look at Messages. Happening to others as well.

It’s fixed, thank you, Matthew.