collective2 use of "margin" ... please explain

Problem: SSLT is using cash on margin, or so it displays:

Started $100,000

Buy Power $68,122

Cash $65,278

Equity $5,835

Cumulative $* $22,710

Total System Equity $122,710

Margined $2,992

Open P/L $15,536 Refresh System Stats

@Matthew / C2 support: How can this be, when C2 is display $65,278 available cash? Please document in a response the exact calculation that I need to follow, so that I can ensure that this does not happen again.

Vendor Request:

Make a toggle that would allow system vendor operator to decide if account is to utilize margin or not.

ie. System will utilize 2:1 margin? yes / no

No - system will utilize "cash" only - not allow a new positoin that would make cash basis fall to < 0 without utilizing margin…

Yes - system will utilize cash + margin at the rate of 2:1.

Maybe this is too complicated a request, but from a C2 "vendor" perspective it would be a good added functionality for those of us that do not want to utilize "margin" in the account (such as to replicate a cash only account for more realistic portfolio model calculations).

Best regards,

Aspire Trader