True Confession

Matthew -

When I view my own personal trading account with TD Waterhouse I see the following fields:

Market Value;

Cash Balance; and

Margin Available.

Now, when I go to my Diversified Value 40 Stock system page on C2 I see the following fields:

Buy Power;


Long Eqty;


Now certainly the field “Cash” is displaying the wrong value since I know I don’t have $54,233 cash in the account. And “Margined” certainly doesn’t display margin available or what is really currently margined.

I have a True Confession. I don’t (can’t) trade based on what I see on C2. I keep my own privately managed portfolio stats and trade based on that. If I had to use the C2 stats I would be incapable of doing so.

Now if I am lost then probably others are as well. Can you give me a short tutorial of how I calculate “Cash Balance” and “Margin Available”.

Thank you