MK, I joined yesterday to “PrimeTime Mini Challenge” competition and I was badly surprised by the prize rules.

Correct me If I’m wrong. I expected that prize will be formed from entries payments and C2 will take it’s percentage for having the deal from final prize. Actually it’s very usual practice.

However I discovered that prize should be formed by competition organizer (in the case Jon Lechleidner) and all entries are going directly to C2. It’s kind of meaningless I’d like to have others competitors money, not money of Jon Lechleidner lol

If it’s true it becomes very understandable why C2’s competitions aren’t usable. :frowning: Can we change it at least for “PrimeTime Mini Challenge”? :wink:


It looks better now :wink: I apologize if me questions were came from my ignorance of how C2’s competition works.