Well… I participated in few privates competitions and I know that it’s very good school and fun.

What do you think about competition on prediction of market moves? Most of us have some ideas before openining a session.



1. Trade size 1 contract of e-mini ES.

2. Order type - market

3. Entry 9:30 AM EST, Exit 15:59 PM EST

4. Any order that is out of first 3 rules will be deleted and every participant of the competition must agree with the rule.

5. The orders represent an opinion of todays market move. No orders means - neutral.

6. Subscription fee of any participant’s system of the competition is 0, And the participant system is opened for subscribing.

7. If number of participants of the competition is less than 10 at moment of start of the competition. The competition is failed and all participants receive their payment back minus transaction fee.


I think it might be funny to see what everybody think about session move before it’s started and educational as well. Honestly I see the competition as friendly sharing of opinions, not as egos competition.