Conditional order on "trade page"

Hi to support,

Maybe you give me answer here?

I don’t see conditional order on “trade” page but I see it on “system” page. Therefore I can’t edit this order.

I wrote you some times, but you don’t answer me.


To create a conditional order, you first need to have at least one “parent” order. This is the order that your conditional order will be conditional upon. (I.E. Once the parent order gets filled, your next - conditional - order will be submitted to the market.) In other words, you can’t set a conditional order unless you have a first order to make it conditional upon.

Once you do have a working or pending order available to designate as a parent, you’ll see the little CONDITIONAL button appear on the new order entry ticket. Click the button, and you’ll be asked to select which of your working orders you want to make the new order conditional upon.

Do you hear me?

I already have (set) conditional order, but I don’t see it on “trade” page. I see on this page only parent order. But I see conditional order on “system” page in “Recent trade signals”, But I can’t edit or cancel this order on this page.

Can you answer on my question?


Sorry for misunderstanding your question, Andrey.

I have cleaned up the erroneous conditional order.

Thanks for answer.

But now second question.

I can’t “Choose one of the working orders above to make your new order conditional upon” and set conditional order because no one line don’t highlight. I have one filled, one stop and one limit (OCA) order on “trade” page and when I click “conditional” button I can’t choose from orders above.

Please answer me.

Why you don’t answer me?

Third question:

Why was executed this trade 10/11 15:23 82.103 on USDJPY in my system? I’m not executed this trade at market order and I not set order to 82.10.

Why it was executed?

You cannot make an order conditional upon another order which itself is conditional.

Please use the trouble ticket system to report fill questions or problems you might have:


You made a Sell Stop 82.103 conditional upon an order to Buy Stop 82.180.

As soon as your Buy order filled at 82.180 (meaning: this is where the market was trading at: 82.180) your sell stop became a working order.

Sell Stop means "Sell if price is at or below 82.103."

By definition, the minute you entered the trade at 82.180, your stop order was marketable and filled at the market price.

Sounds to me like you may be a bit confused about how stop orders and limit orders work. Take a look at the helpful tutorial found on the bottom of the order-entry ticket.

From the beginning:

I set buy stop at 82.18 . Stop loss 81.70 and limit profit 83.38.

OK if I made mistake and muddle up StopLoss and LimitProfit why your system allowed me set this order?

Any trade platform prohibit me set LimitProfit below BuyStop and StopLoss above BuyStop. Why your system has not this rules?

What is mean itself conditional?

That’s a great suggestion, and we’ll look into adding it.

For what it’s worth, we do actually try to check if limits and stops are marketable – and we warn the system developer if they are … but in this case, the problem was slightly different. You entered an order that wasn’t marketable at the time it was entered, but would be marketable when the parent order filled. So we’ll need to add smarter logic here to help warn system developers when they do that.


I can’t see working orders on trade page but I see it on system page but I can’t edit, cancel, etc. on this page.