Help with conditional orders

Can someone please help me with the following.
For my C2 system (“AlphaQ”), I am trying to place two orders. The first one is not a problem. I need help with the second.
Order #1
Sell to close SQQQ at tomorrow’s open.
Order # 2
CONDITIONAL order to buy TQQQ (at the open) after SQQQ has been sold.

Unless I place order #2 as conditional order, they tell me that I dont have enough balance to buy TQQQ.
The problem is I cant find the link to place conditional order.

Thanks in advance

You could try to park the TQQQ order so it triggers x seconds after the open to give time for the SQQQ order to fill.

For two more weeks (well, 13 days) you can use the QuickTrade interface instead of the WebTrader, where there is still a button that says “Make Conditional” and it works. But then the old QuickTrade interface is being deep-sixed.

Matt, help us, is there a buried button on WebTrader to make trades conditional? It’s not in the “Advanced” area (just Stop Loss and Profit Target there). Could put this valuable feature in, please?

That would be useful, I can’t find this quicktrade interface, I suppose it’s hidden for new strategies? Perhaps it’s a moot point as you pointed out.

Oh I found a link to quicktrade under manager tools > other methods, but it just takes me to the default screen, so yea, it’s disabled for new strategies.

Top left of the WebTrader interface, next to the name of my strategy (and it’s number) is an orange button “Return to C2 QuickTrade”. It’s likely the same for your strategy.

Thanks but it doesn’t exist there either, pretty sure it’s disabled, makes sense if it’s being outlawed lol. shame it would be a useful feature.

Ok, well, one last go: here’s the URL for it. From the WebTrader URL, replace:


that takes me right there, and might for you too :slight_smile:

Ah yes nice workaround thanks, now I know what I’m missing, until the 23rd ;-/

Ok well I can’t find the make conditional button now, it’s in the help file but not on my screen anywhere…oh well doesn’t matter I suppose, since it’s being tossed into the bit bucket, but I think I like the entry screen better.

Ok I got the conditional button working, had to place an open order first, cool, but moot anyways, thanks!

Thank you guys. Thanks to you, I got it done. Like Ezy_Ryder said, I had to use the quicktrader and place an open order first.

FYI. We will release Conditional Orders feature for WebTrader very soon, before sunsetting the old interface.

I hope this helps,

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Have you added a Comments section to the new WebTrader yet?
I requested this months ago and was told it would be added.

I still don’t see any Comments section in the new WebTrader that’s going live on Monday, 9/23/19.

Should I assume that it won’t be added?