Contracts for Difference

Hi all,

I was looking for some feedback on CFDs. Apparently CFDs are not available on the US and can be traded mainly through london. In case someone does not know what CFD’s are; Contracts for Difference (allows you to trade US equities on 10-20% margin). In the strategy that I have created, this is crucial for the returns as only high priced stocks are bought and capital runs out fast when you are buying $100 stocks. Hence, this offers the possibilty of, similar to FX, trade on margin and be able to buy more shares.

Yet, I dont know if Collective2 can implement this instrument?

Thx for you attention all.

Sorry, we don’t offer CFDs. Part of the reason is that they are not tradable in the United States, and many of our users would be unable to benefit from CFD-only systems. - MK