Following a US stocks and ETFs strategy via C2 as a EU/UK user? (CFDs, etc as alternative since US ETFs are prohibited due to EU regulation)

Question for EU/UK collective2 (c2) users: I will be following a US stocks and major ETFs based strategy via full automation. Broker will be interactivebrokers but am flexible and can switch brokers if needed.

I am worried about the alternative CFDs and assets being used in the place of US ETFs (as US etfs are restricted for EU/UK investors).

Can you tell me what have your experience been like using c2? CFDs work fine as an alternative?

Overnight fees for CFDs are high at brokers too right?

Any other unforeseen issues you’d faced integrating C2 and your broker?

Margin account or Cash account differences if any?

Many Thanks

What CFDs would you be using?

i wouldnt be using any myself. i think c2 will try and find an alternative CFD for a US ETF trade for a EU/UK citizen. So if my trade leader alerts TQQQ then C2 will look for an alternative CFD to trade as we cant trade US ETFs.

Oh I didn’t know C2 did that…I thought they only did direct copies.

but i want to know about EU/UK folks real life experiences and what are the risks they faced / are facing with these alternative CFDs and assets? I believe trading of major US ETFs like QQQ is quite common so hoping people with experience can guide.
Or wanna hear from C2 staff on how feasible this really is and if there are any guides and docs on this!

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I once asked about it to staff and got no response; so I’m not sure whether CFDs are actually used… Also keep in mind that not every stock or ETF has a CFD, and you need to take financing costs into account.

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