Could some help me translate a few lines of pinescript to seetu?

strategy(“Heikin Ashi F1”,shorttitle=“HAS F1”,overlay=true,default_qty_value=50,initial_capital=100,currency=currency.USD)
res = input(title=“Heikin Ashi Candle Time Frame”, type=resolution, defval=“5”)
hshift = input(2,title=“Heikin Ashi Candle Time Frame Shift”)
res1 = input(title=“Heikin Ashi EMA Time Frame”, type=resolution, defval=“45”)
mhshift = input(0,title=“Heikin Ashi EMA Time Frame Shift”)
fama = input(1,“Heikin Ashi EMA Period”)
test = input(0,“Heikin Ashi EMA Shift”)
sloma = input(40,“Slow EMA Period”)
slomas = input(0,“Slow EMA Shift”)