New to this programming language

I know a lot about the C# language. I am completely new to this language. I have a great idea for an indicator for which I know the mathematics to, but I don’t know how to program it in the Seetu language. I am looking for someone on this website who can help me to develop the coding.

Since the project is worth money to me to develop, it’s only fair that such a programmer receive some income. I am willing to negotiate.

Hi Lenny,

I have experiance 15+ years about programming (institutional projects) and 7+ years about developing scripts, indicators & strategies for various trading platforms. Especially MT4, NinjaTrader, Thinkorswim, TradeStation, Tradingview etc. I can help you about developing your indicator/project.


Hello Aytac,

Nice to meet you. I have typed in a preliminary version of my script and
it seems to work to a certain
limited degree, although there is a lot of room for improvement.

In the business of getting a script to work, (the way that I learned it
in school), you have to progress
through the “edit-compile-re-edit” cycle. But that requires at some
point that the programmer can
print the values of intermediate computations to the screen and/or the
printer to perform what they
call “debugging”.

The problem that I ran into is that I think I made a logical error in
the typing in and design of the coding
that requires that I display the results of intermediate computations,
but I don’t see how to do that yet
in my learning of the SeeTu language. (I know very well how to do it in
C#, because that’s what I do every
day). It’s hard to learn a new language from scratch compared to working
with one that you have been
working with for many years.

If you would like to work with me on this project, I could either let
you in with part of the profits of
the indicator, (which would work better for me, because I am low on
cash), or else pay you with my
credit card, or with Paypal, (which I would rather not do right this

The idea of the indicator is like this: it computes a long sequence of
indicators and “scores” them,
meaning that it measures their win/loss ratios in the historical past
100 days into the past. Then, it
decides to use that indicator which has the highest score of the scoring

I spent a lot of time researching this idea, and it turns out that when
the number of preliminary indicators
that are “scored” by the scoring formula is greater than just a handful,
(meaning like greater than 20+),
that the indicator starts to take shape and get’s the up/down future
direction of the stock well close
to 98% of the time.

My preliminary version of the indicator has an annual ROI of 512%, (in
hypothetical testing). I am confident
that if I get the bugs out of it, that I can reach an ROI that is even
much higher than that.

Hello Lenny,

Nice to meet you too. There is no need any payment, i like to help others and also if your indicator will useful for my personal trading strategies thats enough for me. For understand your logic maybe we can talk about it via skype and so you can explain your indicator logic to me clearly. You talk about your script, is it developed via seetu? and can you send me for understand what you are trying to do. Is it standalone indicator or is it indicator that part of one strategy. How you can test it and find %512 ROI? You mention your indicator logic generallyi i understand these but of course i need more detailed info for development. How can we talk about it, is skye suitable for you?


I installed Skype on my computer. I prefer to talk to you tomorrow, if
you don’t mind, say around 10:00 AM Central time.

I developed the script in SeeTu. The testing that claims an ROI of 512%
was done with the backtesting features
of SeeTu based on a certain ticker list over a one year period. I am
emailing you a copy of the current version of
the script.

This is a multiline comment.

Right now, people can select the autotrade script, except that the
hypothetical results show a straight line with no
trades. I think that on Monday, when trading begins, it will start to
reflect some trading, (I am not sure).

I was going to use HTML to program a website on Blogger that showcases
my indicator to the general public
when I finally get good results with it. I learned the basics of working
with Blogger in the past.

Please send me an email to me from your personal email address. My email adress is Also add me to your skype contact list, my skype id is aytacasan.

I purchased a camera from the computer store, but I never installed it
on my computer. I can do that,
if you give me some time. I prefer to talk to you later after I have do
various chores here and set the
camera up.

Or, if you like we can just communicate typing.

We can have skype with words and sound, but not video, because I am
having some technical difficulties
installing the video drivers.

Right now, at this time of the day, I have to go to some places that I
go to. I will get back to you later in a couple
of hours.

Ok guys, probably best to take this discussion off the public forums.