Data problem with @ESH8?

I noticed the Seetu strategy I’m testing wasn’t generating any trades today. I ran the Seetu as a scan to double-check things, and got this error:

No data for symbol @ESH18. Symbol: @ESH18

First off, “@ESH18” is needed in Seetu instead of “@ESH8”. Just an FYI. But the error doesn’t look good, and it’s happening on a strategy that is unchanged and has generated signals for a couple weeks.

Hello jTrader.

Thank you. I have found that one of our services was down. I suspect it is a consequence of two hardware upgrades made this weekend. It works now.
Sorry for that.

Yes, Collective2 uses @ESH8. But Seetu needs two digits years, because it can go 10 years to history (in daily data) and we need to differentiate @ESH08 and @ESH18.
(And @ESH28 within next 10 years :slight_smile: )

Thank you.

Thanks for the update, BobSvan2. And yes, I suspected the @ESH18 would cause confusion, thus my note in my initial post. One of the Seetu secrets that must be mastered.