Introducing: Seetu

Hello Collective2 Members -

I’m happy to announce the public release of Seetu, Collective2’s trading-strategy development environment and scripting language.

You can use Seetu to develop and backtest strategies. Once you are happy with your strategy, you can use Seetu to generate buy/sell signals and pipe them into a Collective2 trading strategy which you manage.

Seetu is in very very early beta-test release. A lot of planned features are not yet available. The documentation is sparse. The code samples are… um, well, utterly missing. (But they’re coming soon.)

But for you intrepid strategy developers who want to begin playing with Seetu, it’s open to the public, and the price is right. (Free to all C2 Members.) You can go to Seetu here.

We have a new Seetu Forum set up, so please post any questions, suggestions, complaints there.

  • Matthew