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Day Trading? Yes!


Dude, you brought it up.
Let’s leave this thread to Robert. I for one will be curious how he does with day trading his VXX.


Dude, I just did ask a question to Matthew and somehow you did respond and started the conversation. Sometimes binary logic is difficult.


Hi @RobertPeterson

I looked at the strategy you posted. I wanted to make you aware of a few things. VXX is an ETN or exchange traded note. So was XIV and we know what happened with that. The difference is XIV was issued by Credit Suisse and VXX is issued by Barclays.

In addition, VXX was issued January 29th, 2009 and has a maturity date of January 30th 2019. VXX has a maturity date in a month and a half.

Please be aware of that while trading VXX. If you need further information, the CUSIP number is 06746L422.


Good point about VXX maturing January 30th. It will be replaced by VXXB, which is already trading and has options on it.

Also, VXZ is maturing and will be replaced with VXZB.

Here’s a link with more detail:



Just saw that. No need to get hostile man.


Dog zebra stop hijacking others threads.


@MatthewKlein, please give this guy a definite warning or just kick him off the forum for hijacking threads and the only reason being here: his personal vendetta against DZ.


If you really read the thread you would have seen who really hijacked this thread and how others complained against dog zebra.


I’ve read him being more progressive towards this thread than you have been to your prior 4, of which 2 have been closed already due to your vendetta!


“Day trading is never answer from long term point of view.”

What do you mean by Long Term?? 1 year? 5 years? 10+ years? Long term does not have any meaning from the performance point of view unless you mean to hold the position at least 15+ years… We are not here for this purpose, right?

The day trading could be a good idea when volatility going up and the markets going down… Simple as that…


A black swan can appear at any time and a good day trading strategy is one of the best option to be protected against it and maybe to generates profits from this situation as well…

If you are concerned about black swan, I suggest you to invest very little in the stock market and especially in strategies that operate during the day alone…


I am sorry I wasn’t clear here… I do not take any margin… I trade only 95% of the account… I risk very little per trade… I do not see any issue here…

BTW, everything done automatically…


A good point there. Just thinking about stop losses - stops won’t help overnight/weekend holders of stocks when the black swan occurs, but if a black swan occurs during trading hours, you have a better chance of getting out with your stops (although obviously stops are not guaranteed outs).


“I always thought that answer to increased volatility is reduced exposure /strong risk management.”

Well, you absolutely right when you hold position over night. See VIXTrader risk management as a good example to your point…

When we speak about Day Trading then this is a different story… The volatility increase the performance…Not the risk…When volatility decreasing then the risk is increasing in day trading strategies…

I think that’s exactly the opposite of what you wrote…


“it looks that way, with 95% of the account margin to trade. Who cares if the strategy crashes like most of the C2 strategies and subs loss of money”

You missed the point…I hope you understand now that leverage is not used here and the risk in every trade is very low…


“Interesting how this strategy is not TOS”

It will be in a few days…:slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Hi DayTradingIncome,

Thanks for your update…

I’ve been trading for 20 years and I am aware to VXX since day one… :slightly_smiling_face:

BTW, I am in a direct contact with the issuer and I know that the VXX will be replaced by VXXB at the end of January 2019…

Me and my machines are ready for change…:+1:


Sounds great @RobertPeterson

I wasn’t sure if you knew or not. Jut one fellow trader trying to help out another.

Good luck with your new strategy!


Robert, I do compare a developer who is reaching conclusion "Day Trading? Yes!’ after 1-month strategy presence and starts marketing the strategy, to a person who subscribers after 1-month strategy presence. Just irresponsible. I did not change my opinion on this matter.

Regarding your question, I will leave it open.



Have you read what I wrote?
I repeat for you what I wrote above:
“I think it might be a good idea to test it through a simulation before signing up”.

Is this “irresponsible” as you said or just the opposite?

As you said, I will leave it open… :slight_smile:

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