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Day Trading? Yes!


This is backtesting and live trading performance graph…

VIXTrader Day Trading between January 2009 - December 2018

I think this strategy has high potential and can be used as a complementary strategy in a solid investment portfolio or even as a single strategy…


Wowzers. You’ve found the holy grail. Straight equity ramp up. How do I give you all my money? I made a fortune with that other high frequency vol trader too but then he went private :sob:


This will probably be my only strategy with a limited number of users to maintain the performance over time…


I have to take back my previous criticism of this system - for some reason I blocked out of my mind that this was a day trading system.

It seems that in the present market condition day trading system seem to be the safest. However, I am not sure what advantage there is by choosing a volatility instrument over a stock index for day trading. Among the stock index systems I follow some did exceptionally well during today’s spike, like Driver Balanced and PegasiCap and I am somewhat disappointed that not more day trading systems took advantage of the situation.


The reason to take volatility instrument is because this instrument is volatility enough in order to produce high profits… Simple as that…


and losses… Simple as that…


You’re right … Even losses… :slightly_smiling_face:


@Robert_Peterson great work! Any chance you will be adding an IRA friendly day trading version. Maybe using SVXY or options on VXX instead of shorting?


Thanks! :+1:
Soon, I will offer it for IRA accounts as well…


Would you consider using VX futures (conservatively) for IRA accounts?


The spread is too high… In the current price the cost is around 0.5% for in and out…


Looks like a great strategy!!
Good luck.


Another advantage of this strategy:

As we all know, trading in the capital market is an activity that carries a reward and a risk.

Everyone likes to talk about the reward and how much they did last month/year because it is much nicer and interesting but I think attention should be given first to risk because profit is always an option when we reduce the risk but if the risk is not treated properly, profit is probably only temporary and it is only a matter of time before the profit returns to the market or even worse…:slightly_frowning_face:

We have recently seen how strategies in C2 that operated “successfully” in the 2018 market while taking high risks that most investors were not aware of, created losses of 50% and more in investment portfolios and sometimes even lost all investors’ money! :cry:

When such a thing happens, I feel deeply sorry for the way money is lost. Sometimes the money was saved for a long time… Sometimes the money was intended to buy a home or pay for studies or for pension… This is a real tragedy to lose all the money in one day…
This happens naturally every day in the investment world and no one knows that except the unfortunate investor, but here in C2 everyone sees the tragedies happening in front of our stunned eyes and as a developer I ask myself again and again how to reduce the overall risk of the investor…

We have already written here in the forum about “The 10 fastest ways to lose your money in C2!” and I think that we must be aware to the risks before deciding what strategy we wants to trade.

The developer of the strategies has a tremendous responsibility for developing a good strategy and managing its risks. However, since not all of the developers here adopt sufficient conservatism and tend to take unreasonable risks, there is a great responsibility on the investor to manage his money wisely and not rely on the strategy developer to do all the work for him…

The investor must do his homework and make the right decision.
This mainly consisting of two parts:
Which strategy should he subscribe and how much money to allocate to the strategy.

The process that the investor must go through to determine the answers to these questions is not simple and I am not sure that most investors are aware, among other things, of their mental strength and the level of real risk that suits them. For example, many investor who see high performance on the horizon and think they can easily withstand a DD of 20% but actually they disconnect the strategy after a DD of only 10% just before the strategy gets back to itself.

If we look at all the risks facing the investor, we can see that they derive mainly from the quality of the signals, from the quality of risk management, from the changes in market volatility and from events that occur during trading and especially outside of trading hours. Previous experience in trading and the investor’s personal structure are also crucial and they are kind of risk after all…

I would like to say here a sentence from my experience of 20 years in trading:
At some point, almost every investor will give in to his fears and take a decisions contrary to his interests. It happened to me in the past and it happened to almost every one of us.

We can’t change the risks but we can reduce them…
How do we do this?
By simply reduce the exposure to the market.
By dividing the funds earmarked for investment between a overnight strategy and a day trading strategy, we reduce the risk dramatically when it comes to exposure to risks that can occur when the market is closed.

Thus, through investing with strategy that operates only within the day, we immediately and significantly reduce market risk and at the same time gain greater peace that will enable us to make better decisions in the future regarding our investments… :slightly_smiling_face:

In my opinion, an investor who chooses a combination of good day trading strategy and another good overnight strategy, both of which are well managed in terms of their risk, is the winning combination that will suit most investors.

Our ability to choose strategies and allocate the appropriate amount to each according to their risk/reward is a very powerful tool against risk and we must use it wisely.
A mistake in choosing strategies can lead to huge losses.
Good day trading strategy will significantly reduce our risk, help us make the right decisions and potentially can increased our performance :slightly_smiling_face:


Quite a few investors asked me about limiting the number of users in the strategy.

The question is not the number of the subscribers but the amount of money managed by it.
In my estimation, the strategy will be able to function properly in the management of up to $10M. From my experience in C2 I expect to reach this amount within a 3 - 4 months. If I will see a decrease in results due to the size of the money, I will close the option to join the strategy in order to prevent a decline in the yield of investors who trusted me from the beginning :pray:


Cannot agree more :muscle:


have you tried this new strategy on SP500 instead of Vol ?


Will you ever have a IRA friendly or long strategy? Instead of short vxx long svxy?

My broker has a 200% margin requirement on shorting vxx or shorting vix.


Yes, after slippage and commissions the results are not good enough… :frowning:


Yes, I am working on that… Some technical issues to solve and it will be started… Hope until the end of the week…I will update in the forum and I will send email to my subscribers…


After analyzing this system, it seems to me like most every trade is just a directional trade of the open.

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