My best strategy for VIX - VIXTrader

Few weeks ago I have started here my best overnight strategy for VIX instruments.
I trade it in the last 2 years and it looks great in almost every aspect, especially if you look at the risk - adjusted returns and the profit factor which come to 4.
Money management is strictly applied and the DD should be low according to my live and simulated trading.

Hope you enjoy VIXTrader as I do.

u didn’t published link to it

here it is:

VIXTrader is by far the best VIX systems I had experienced on C2, Robert is really babysitting the open trades, exiting at reasonable profits / minimized losses…the trade history tells the performance of this strategy. I could not write a review on time thus coming to the forum to share my delightful experience of VIXTrader.


JeffreyTong, I am speechless… Thank you :pray:

I subscribe to a number of vix trading systems, but VixTrader Professional is the best by a large margin. I don’t know what secret sauce Robert Peterson is using, but it works.

the issue I have with current HOT vix trading system on c2 is none of them have longer history since Nov 2016. Strategies that has longer history than Nov 2016 just doesn’t have the great performance compare to all the “new” VIX system post 2016. I notice the trend that all the system is post Nov’16 are all top systems, all this mean is they have never been thru a DOWN market. If you look at vix system created before Nov like Trading Volatility 1, VolatilityTrader, and Smart Volatility. Those strategy at least been through Brexit and other VIX spiked scenarios. I couldn’t find any vix system post 2016, this means probably none of them survived vix spikes in 2015.

My points is we get so complacent with these new VIX systems or dip buying systems like Simplicity trading (which I subscribe to, yet skeptical). NONE of them been around post Nov 2016, why ? because since Nov’ 16 every dip had been rally back and vix just been crushed none stop since Nov. Its been a one sided market, of course you will out perform every other system with little or no drawdown.

I’m not saying these systems are bad, but don’t a good system is a system that can still make money on a down market and make money on a up market. These systems are just too new and I have yet to see if they can survive a bear market or even a Vix spike that last more than 2 days.


I’ve been on C2 for over 7 years trading different systems and have lost a lot of money during that journey chasing returns from systems that applied horrible money management only to lose all of the gains. VIXTrader takes a systematic approach while using sound money management. It just works and it’s profitable. I will continue using this fantastic system in years to come!

VIX strategies in general have very little market timing skills or their developers won’t choose that kind of strategies.
But VIXTrader does seems to have much better market timing than its peers. I am pretty sure even in a bear market VIXTrader will still be much better than rest of VIX strategies, but I guess in a bear market its performance will go down a lot from current performance. ETF strategies have a major con that it can’t avoid overnight risk.

Good points. The VIXTrader description indicates that both XIV and VXX are traded, so presumably the system would switch to trading VXX if a period of increasing volatility arrives, but follow the same basic philosophy. As you say, not enough time to see how it does in choppy or transitional periods, and long positions over weekend could be trouble if N. Korea acts up again, or some other similar event.

I buy VXX calls at end of day Friday (in a non-C2 account) and dump them at market open on Monday just for this reason, using 0.5 delta options for a roughly 50% hedge. But Robert seems to know what he is doing and this system, along with RedCrest, are performing the best so far of the 7 systems I am subscribed to (5 autotraded, 2 manual).

since Nov’2016, Every strategy works, every strategy is profitable, and every strategy is using a “secret” money management. Until you are against the trend. My pt is none of these HOT system now had been thru the test.

I mean if you HOLD $XIV since nov’16, just buy and hold you are up 181%!

how much “special” algo or skills is involve when all the top system is trading and long $XIV or is short $VXX/$UVXY. Technically speaking, all these vix strategy is under performing, I don’t see many of them being up 181% this year.

in regarding market timing, there is NO market timing in 2017. just buy the dip in SPY or short the spike in vix in 2017 you have never lost money. last time I remember the market was like this was 2013. Short $uvxy on every spike I made 5-10% the next day. but that didn’t work out so well 2014 thru 2016. We had vix spikes that will bankrupt you if you just hold the positions more than 3 -4 hours.

I not here to knock on these strategies, just keep seeing these post on the forum how great these new strategies are, when none of them were around before Nov 2016 and they haven’t been tested.


Two systems by David Juday (Smart Volatility Margin and Smart Volatility IRA) have been around since May of 2016 and that was pre-Brexit if that helps and they have done considerably well. Surprised they are not mentioned on here.

I agree if you long XIV since Nov,2016, you would be up 181% by now, but you would not get a drawdown of 7.6%. In August this year XIV drop 26%, so you would get a drowdown of 26% on top of 181% return.
So a 7.6% DD is an excellent job even in a bull market.
But I do think it would not get such low DD in 2014-2015.

Your point would be more convincing if you can pick out a good VIX strategy starting from 2014-2015.
Since Feb 2016, market had entered into an one side up market.
I say if you want to prove VIX strategies are all time good, forget 2016 and thereafter.

Cannot agree more…was referring “VIXTrader Professional” and “VIXTrader” managed by Robert Peterson by the way. There are many vix systems on C2 but only a few are well-managed.

Which one? This one?

Ah yes. Indeed Robert is another good one.

Hi OSUTAI, could you please recommend a few good systems based on your screening rules?
Robert Peterson’s systems are definitely working as, in my humble opinions, all vix systems require real-time management and Robert is doing just that.

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I wish I have the answer. I can’t find a good pre 2016 vix strategy. On my prev post I mentioned 3 strategy post Nov. One is “Trading volatility 1”. Jay is the reason I’m at c2, I never knew about C2 until he’s announcement on his forum. I can say 100% he’s system is 100% metric driven only. No discretion, pure 2 metric signal system. I know most vix trader all subscribe to his vix metrics. Some will admit they do, most wont tho. But he is one of best expert on vix out there. 2nd one I mentioned and follow is “smart volatility margin”. He is the only vix strategy on c2 that is unique,by using options and willing to commit $ to hedge. David is willing to make bets on each side and with calculated risk. I think that is something you pay $ for. 3rd one is “volatilityTrader”, as @BBTC mentioned previously, that’s is a completely different animal. Went from being one of the most popular best strategy of 2016, to the dog of 2017. From what I can see he doesn’t trade strictly on vix, so it might not be part of this conversation. But I do give him credit for making gutsy calls since inception and have the patience to grind 6 months to recover from a massive draw down. Most other strategy would have closed shop after a 20% drawdown. But that strategy is too complex for my experience, and definitely not a strategy you put 100% $ in.

I’m sure most post nov 2016 strategy will continue to do well until a real vix Spike, it will be interesting to see how they will handle the trade. Willing to short more? Long volatility Or be like “simplicity trading” just sit in cash until the next dip. Take profit quick and get out. At c2 Keep DD% to minimum and subs will be pouring in.

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